Spring Cleaning Sale!!!

It's that time of year again where vacuums are humming, the entire house smells of cleaning supplies, and it's time for a sale!!!

Just hop on over to the shop by clicking here. Remember you have until 11:59pm April 30th (my time, Eastern) to save on EVERYTHING in the shop.


Ummm (and a giveaway)

Hello! I'm still here, I just haven't had much time to post on the blog since Maura is now tall and mobile and yeah... The toddler years are upon us. I thought I could quilt for little bits here and there and keep Maura entertained and out of trouble with all of the toys that light up and make noise in my studio. I *thought* (like a naive first-time mom) that since I could hear her I didn't need to keep an eye on her like a hawk. I WAS WRONG.

One day I was quilting along trying to finish a section after she woke up from her nap and I turn around to see this:

And then I had a mini heart attack. And it's only gotten worse since. Maura is now 13 months old and is half my height. No joke. So not only is she young and inquisitive, she can get into so much more because shes so tall. She didn't get her height from me!

But alas, I'm still quilting away like a mad woman (during naps and bedtime) and you can see everything I'm working on (or everything I'm allowed to show) on my Facebook page (Ruby Blue Quilting Studio) and Instagram (@rubybluequilts). It's so much easier for me to post quick little tidbits over there than blog posts here. So for the meantime that will be where you can see the most updates.

I'm still adjusting my quilting schedule (on a separate page you can get to here) and you can check back often to see progress. It's not up-to-the-minute updates, but you get the idea.

And finally, the giveaway. Martingale wanted to celebrate the release of The Big Book of Strip Quilts and you can hop over to their blog here to enter to win an ebook.

There are 60 (yes that's six-zero) quilts in this book that all use 2.5" strips. So it's time to bust out those jelly rolls you've been hoarding, maybe use up those leftover strips you have in your stash, or just cut your own out of those lovely piles of fabrics staring at you all day long. There are so many amazing quilts in this ginormous book from a variety of your favorite authors, there's something in here for everyone. I am so lucky to have three quilts in this book, one is Roll of Stamps pictured above.

And like it was meant to be, my very own copy arrived at my doorstep yesterday. Like magic! So head on over to Martingale's blog and enter for a chance to win! You have through the 25th to enter!

So that's what's going on here. Don't be a stranger on the other social media platforms, and if you need anything you can always shoot me an email too.

Yes I'm here. Yes I'm still quilting. And yes I spend my days chasing a crazy toddler. Life is good :)


Machine Quilting: Pretty Blues

Well, and yellow and tan and green I suppose. Karen is a wiz at working with floral fabrics!
 A nice big blocky quilt showcased the prints she used wonderfully. I think Karen is as much of a fan of swirls as I am so we put them on this quilt.
I could probably come up with an excuse to put swirls on any quilt if given the chance!

Thanks, Karen! Lovely as always!


Machine Quilting: Downton Abbey

Karen is probably by far the biggest Downton fan I know and she has made a ton of quilts using their fabric lines.
 Karen brought me this quilt along with another one she had quilted in the past with a pantograph. Well, I don't do pantographs but she really liked the way the feathers looked and wondered if I could do something similar and this is what I came up with.
 These feathers are loose and fun but they were a challenge for me at the start. When I normally quilt feathers I start at the base and work from the center of the spine out. With these feathers you still work from the base up but from the outside in. It was backwards to the normal way I quilt and took a little getting used to, but I did it.
 Since the feathers are nice and loose they were a perfect match for these wonky stacked strips in the quilt.
And here's how the feathers look on the back of the quilt. I think I need to do these more often! They're a lot of fun and pull me ever so gently out of my comfort zone which is a good thing!

Thank you, Karen! I love your quilts and the way you put colors together! 



Hey all, just popping in quick here for a minute.

Life has been insane. We have all been sharing a version of the same cold again and again for the last month or so which has drained my energy more than I care to admit.

I will try to blog more but I can't make any promises. Miss Maura is now walking and growing like crazy and she is my #1 priority. You can find me for quicker updates over on Facebook (Ruby Blue Quilting Studio) or Instagram (@rubybluequilts). That is my easiest way to post since it's a little more short and simple.

However since my time and attention is limited these days I am trying to make it easier for you to help me help you - in lesser words I have posted my quilting schedule on a separate page. If you're looking at this blog from a desktop, the pages are listed at the top just underneath my logo. If you're on a mobile device, a drop down menu is available for you to find the pages. My schedule is on the page titled "My (Quilting) Schedule". It's not perfect, nor exact, but it's a start.

I urge you to please reserve yourself a spot if you are looking for custom quilting as it takes much longer to plan and execute. I can do a much better job if we can work together and plan ahead rather than feeling rushed.


Machine Quilting: Scrappy Wedding Stars

I absolutely adore the colors in this quilt. It's just so rich and cozy feeling which will be perfect for the newlyweds receiving this quilt!
 This quilt is so scrappy that it's almost too much to take in at first. I really had to study this quilt to see what was going on. I love the arrangement of the stars and the different scaling as they're placed across the quilt. Since that was a constant I focused on the stars and chose to quilt them different than the rest of the quilt.
 The stars alternated feathers and back & forth lines in the center, but I continued the back & forth lines in the outer points too.
The rest of the quilt was filled with curls, they're one of my new favorite fillers! Knowing this quilt was made as a wedding gift, I try really hard not to make the quilting too girly or too manly. I try to find that happy medium that both people can enjoy.

Thanks, Barb! It was fun to discover your stash while working along this quilt. (That's so fun for me with scrappy quilts, discovering fabrics that I have, fabrics I've never seen before, fabrics I didn't know I needed but now I want...)


Machine Quilting: Beatrix Potter

Pat made this adorable baby quilt and we had a slight issue on our hands...
 You see that pink-ish batik surrounding each of the blocks? Well, it was the backing fabric too and it's one of those weird colors. It's orange-y next to pink and too pink next to orange. I laid out the quilt with a light pink thread, an apricot color and a light orange over a couple days through changes in the light and then made my decision of which thread would work the best. It actually was the light pink that won out (It's a Girl - So Fine).
Not to take away from any of the blocks and the fussy cut panels, we kept the quilting simple with an overall swirl.

I wish you could have seen this quilt in person, the colors were beyond perfect! I grew up collecting Beatrix Potter and I never would have picked these colors, I always would have picked more dusty hues, but this quilt was refreshing!

Thank you, Pat! Your quilt was so much fun to work on (as always!).
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